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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Get ready to wow the world with your soon–to-be pearly whites! Our office provides our patients with many whitening solutions to suit specific dental needs, whether you drink a gallon of black coffee per day, drink barrels of red wine, or smoke cigarettes. In-office whitening is a chemically activated whitening treatment that can provide amazing results within an hour. This process is safe and performed under dentist supervision.

Our office also provides a take-home whitening kit that has personalized bleaching trays with sticky whitening gel that does not migrate to your gums after application. These two methods contain potassium fluoride, which can strengthen enamel, decrease sensitivity, and prevent cavity formation. Patients who have had cosmetic dental work do not react to our whitening treatment. Prior to the whitening plan, an exam and cleaning are required so we know exactly what we are working with.


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