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Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry

Holistically, metal and mercury in our mouths can have serious effects on our health. Mercury is highly toxic and leads to oxidative stress and possibly nephrotoxicity (kidney problems). Mercury usage in dental work has been a topic of controversy, and we are proud to be a mercury-free office due to the extremely toxic and harmful substance in amalgam fillings.

Metal fillings can be poor options due to being highly unstable as they are greatly affected by changes in temperature. These fillings also lead to fractures and chipping since their placement requires tooth structure removal.

On the other hand, in metal-free dentistry, dentists use composite fillings made of resin from glass or plastic. Unlike metal fillings, these are tooth-colored, making them aesthetically pleasing and safer. Composite fillings last longer and repair teeth more efficiently as the resin acts as glue to keep the tooth structure, a less costly and time consuming practice.

Zirconia crowns are another type of metal-free dentistry. Made from zirconium, they are long lasting, robust, appear natural and do not require substantial tooth structure removal. As they are stronger than porcelain crowns, they are less likely to chip.
As a rule of thumb, we should try to never put harmful substances into our bodies; the same goes for the mouth and teeth. Composite fillings keep the tooth structure healthy, whole, and natural looking all without the toxic side effects.

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